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Journey to the Future with New Generation Education Panel

The "Journey to the Future with New Generation Education" panel of the "Geleceğe Yolculuk" project, supported by ISTKA, was hosted by Enka Schools on January 4, 2024, at 11:00 am at Enka Auditorium with the participation of more than 400 attendees on an international scale.

The participants of the event, which was shaped around the theme of "New Generation Education," consisted of protocol members, academicians, experts, educators, parents, administrators, and NGO employees. The event started with the speech of Sarıyer District Director of National Education, Hüseyin ÖZCANLAR, and continued with the Journey to the Future Project Presentation by Project Coordinator Sibel SAYGIN.

The opening speech of the Journey to the Future with New Generation Education Panel was delivered by Prof. Dr. Seyfi Kenan, Dean of Marmara University Faculty of Education, and the panel was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşin Kaplan Sayı, Faculty Member of Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Educational Sciences.

During the panel discussion session, Prof. Dr. Hakan Akçay from Boğaziçi University Faculty of Education, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aşkın Kocabaş from Koç University Faculty of Science, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuncer Can from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Education, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nihal Yurtseven from Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Educational Sciences discussed important issues such as the roles of teachers, the profile of 21st century students, the evolving role of parenting in education, teacher professionalism, raising science-loving students, designer teacher profiles, and advice for the alpha generation.

Within the framework of the discourse of education for the new generation, the international dimension of the event, which provided a pleasant panel concert to the participants, and ISTKA and its support for education were disseminated to eight different countries, and the

Journey to the Future Project was presented as a good example.

The second half of the event continued with international project presentations and the sharing of best practices that best address the changing educational methods and techniques of the new generation of educators.

Following the presentations, the event was organized in the foyer area, where the participants discussed different funding sources and cooperation.

In this way, synergy on new practices and sharing in education contributed to the formation of synergy.  

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